2015 Mesquite CME Conference Canceled

Fellow Utah PA’s,

John Allen started the annual Mesquite CME meeting under the direction of the UAPA Board of Directors 27 years ago. The purpose was to provide a program to make it easier for the increasing number of PA’s in Southern Utah to be a part of UAPA, and to provide more CME opportunities to help meet our requirements for certification maintenance. John did a fabulous job.  This CME  conference has served Utah PAs and the UAPA very well.

Unfortunately,  I must announce that the Mesquite meeting has been canceled for 2015.  Due to multiple factors I have asked the UAPA Board of Directors, and I’m now asking each of you, to please forgive me, as I am unable to dedicate the time required to organize the meeting for this year. I need to focus my attention elsewhere at this time.  I am very hopeful that things will be back on track for 2016.

Over the years, many members have contacted me and expressed that they plan on attending the Mesquite meeting each year to not only help fulfill their CME requirements, but also to get away for a spring family vacation.  I  thank you for all your support.

Your board of directors are looking at other options they can provide to UAPA members.

Thank you all for your understanding,

David Anderson, MPAS, PA-C

Please feel free to contact us with comments and ways that the UAPA can serve you.