2017 Legislative Update

The Utah Academy of PA’s is happy to announce that our legislation to amend Utah’s PA Practice Act has been introduced in the Utah Legislature! SB 162 was introduced by Sen. Brian Shiozawa late last week and has been heard in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Feb. 8th, 2017. It passed the committee unopposed and is now on the way to the Senate floor. It will then go to the House Committee, and then finally to the Legislative body for a vote. At that time, we would ask for you to contact your Legislator in support of the bill.

This Bill has the backing of the UMA and AAPA.

We are requesting that as many PAs and physicians you work with contact the senators on the Health and Human Services committee in support of the SB 162. It is extremely important that we have a strong showing in support of the bill!

The bill:

  • Removes the chart co-signature requirement for Schedule II and III controlled substances
  • Revises language regarding chart review to provide for review of patient data as determined by the physician and PA, and
  • Removes the requirement for an applicant for licensure to attest that they have a delegation of services agreement signed by any substitute physicians.

If you’re interested, you can track the bill here.

Below is the contact information for the members of the Senate Health and Human Services committee. If you live in one of their districts, please mention that you are their constituent.

Sen. Lincoln Fillmore (R), Chair, District 10
Sen. Allen M. Christensen (R) , District 19
Sen. Jim Dabakis (D) , District 2
Sen. Luz Escamilla (D) , District 1
Sen. Peter C. Knudson (R) , District 17
Sen. Brian E. Shiozawa (R), District 8
Sen. Kevin T. Van Tassell (R) , District 26
Sen. Evan J. Vickers (R) , District 28

If you would like to submit written testimony, here is sample language (if possible, include a personal example of how the bill will improve your practice):

Dear Senator:

Please support Senate Bill 162 repealing chart co-signature requirements on PA Schedule II and III prescriptions and other PA positive improvements. These changes improve PA practice in Utah and our ability to provide the highest quality care to our patients without unnecessary administrative burdens. Allowing decisions to be made at the practice level between the physician and PA is consistent with changes taking place across the nation to improve state laws governing PA practice.

As we work to improve PA practice in Utah, we need your support! Please take a moment and contact these legislators, TODAY. UAPA appreciates your proactive support to help move our profession forward in Utah.


Brandon Jones, MPAS, PA-C
President- Utah Academy of PAs

Read more about the bill.

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