About UAPA

The Utah Academy of Physician Assistants is a professional organization. Our mission is to promote cost effective, patient oriented, accessible health care, and to promote the professional and personal development of  Physician Assistants.

The purpose of the organization is to:
  • Strive for the prevention of disease, the treatment of illness and the improvement of public health.
  • Expand access to health care for the citizens of Utah by promoting quality, cost effective health care by Physician Assistants.
  • Promote the Physician Assistant profession through education of health care professionals, legislative bodies and the general public.
  • Support the enactment of appropriate health care legislation, and provide effective representation for the members of the Academy and the profession.
  • Be an informational resource for the people of the State of Utah in matters of medical care and delivery.
  • Develop, sponsor, and evaluate continuing medical or medically related educational programs for Physician Assistants.
  • Promote a quality working partnership with the Utah Medical Association
  • Adopt a code of ethics and regulate the ethical conduct of members of the Academy.
  • Assist with the coordination and standardization of curricula for Physician Assistant education.
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