Upcoming Election: Join the AAPA House of Delegates

As you know, each year in the House of Delegates we elect three House Officers from among the HOD members. View:  https://www.aapa.org/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=2147486552 policies (beginning at the bottom of page 50 in the policy manual) on House Officer elections.

The House responsibilities of these three positions are:

Speaker, who shall also serve as Vice President of the Academy, shall preside at all meetings of the House of Delegates
First Vice Speaker, who shall assume the duties of the Speaker in the event of the absence of the Speaker, or in the event of a vacancy in the Speaker’s position
Second Vice Speaker, who shall assume the duties of the First Vice Speaker in the absence of the First Vice Speaker, or in the event of a vacancy in the position of First Vice Speaker. This position is also responsible for verification of the credentials of the delegates, for compiling the records of all general meetings of the House of Delegates, and for submitting such records to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Academy for filing with the Academy’s books and records.

These three representatives are members of AAPA’s Board of Directors.

There are also two Nominating Work Group positions open this year. As outlined in Article XI of our Bylaws, the duties and responsibilities of the Nominating Work Group are:

Receiving applications from potential candidates seeking nomination for the positions of president-elect, secretary-treasurer, and directors-at-large;
Evaluating all candidates seeking nomination according to the qualification criteria set forth in these Bylaws and according to such other selection guidelines as may be established in accordance with this section;
Selecting a single or multiple slate of candidates for each nominated position.

Step up to be even more of a leader for the HOD and the PA profession. If interested, complete an application for a https://www.formsite.com/aapa/HODcandidateapp/index.html. House Officer position (1-year term) or https://www.formsite.com/aapa/NomComFormN/index.html. Nominating Work Group position (2-year term). The deadline to pre-declare for these positions is April 1. Send any questions you have to mail to:tshoemaker@aapa.org

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