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Outreach Task Force
      Justin Brinkerhoff
Website / Employment
      Jared Spackman
      Jason Carlson
PA Promotion
      Heather George
Emergency Preparedness
      Gary Nelson
      Rod Grogan
Mesquite CME
      Dave Anderson
Snowbird CME
      Scott Gardner

Employment Work Group

This work group helps facilitate networking within UAPA for employment. The majority of leads are generated by PAs, and passed on to the work group. The prospective employer is contacted, and the job is posted. We make every effort to keep the job information as current as possible LeadsThis work group needs help generating leads. Almost all of the job tips come from other PAs who hear of jobs and pass the information on to us. Please drop us a line when you hear of a new job. If you are leaving a position, or know of someone who is, contact us! When you hear of a physician or clinic that might be looking for a PA, give them our web address, and send us an e-mail! That investment of 2 minutes may help someone else start a career! The quality of this employment page correlates directly with how motivated our members are to help one another in the professional marketplace. Job postings continue to help place PAs in positions through out the west.

Web Work Group

The purpose is to better UAPA by strengthening our members ability to communicate using the World Wide Web. We oversee the web site and all of it’s content. The work group is constantly striving to keep content up to date. Please contact us if you have anything to contribute, or have comments on content. This work group is in need of individuals with some computers skills who are interested in helping to improve the web site. It is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with UAPA, and a great way to contribute to improving communication within the profession. Necessary computer skills are minimal. Goals With the completion (and success) of the new web site, focus has shifted to finding ways to improve the site and it’s usefulness. We are currently looking to increase the resources available, greatly expand the links to other websites, and increase interactiveness for members. Join us!

Working Members: Matthew Tuahivaa

Legislative Work Group

The purpose is to inform Utah PAs of legislative concerns, represent the profession’s interests, and help to better the Utah practice environment through the enactment of sound legislation. This work group is always looking for individuals with strong communication skills who would be interested in attending committee meetings, legislative sessions, and going to bat for PAs. GoalsThe work and progress of this work group is ongoing. Please see the current news for the most recent progress this committee has made. Work Group Chair: Jared Spackman Members: Catherine Platt, Derek Urban, Tresa Pe’a

Membership Work Group

The purpose is to improve membership services, and increase the number of Utah PAs who belong to this organization as well as increase corporate membership. This work group will also oversee the management of the organizations memberships and dues. Goals This work group is always looking for people to help with correspondence with our members. This is a great chance to meet people and learn more about the organization.

Members: Kim McFarland, Scott Brown, Catherine Platt, David Browning, Kelli Fife

Reimbursement Work Group

The purpose is to work closely with the legislative work group to clear reimbursement questions, and to represent UAPA in legislative matters regarding reimbursement.Work Group Chair: Jason Carlson

Members: Catherine Platt, Wayne Crawford

PA Promotion Work Group

This work group represents PAs in the region and promotes the profession within the area by furthering the understanding of PAs. This includes attending professional gatherings, calling on physicians and clinics that request personal meetings to learn more about PAs, and providing resources for those with questions on the profession.ProgressThis work group has had it’s first meeting and identified several projects. Some of the projects which we have started to work on include:

  • The formation of a task force which will both call on physicians with interest in the PA profession, as well as arrange informative seminars for groups of physicians regarding the benefits of PAs.
  • The formation of a sub-committee which will organize and maintain a collection of information resources concerning PA laws, salary information, cost analyses, and so on.
  • The formation of a task force which will act as a liaison between PA educational programs and UAPA.

The PA promotion work group has come to life. If you are interested in joining us at our next meeting, please contact us.

Work Group Chair: Heather George

Members: Lisa Smith, Erin Beale

CME Work Group

The purpose of this work group is to develop and plan CME events for UAPA members. Continuing education is an integral part of the PA profession, and UAPA would like to do everything possible to help members receive quality, timely, and convenient CME.NeedsThis work group is always in search of motivated individuals who would like to help UAPA refine CME programs.Work Group Chairs:Snowbird CME: Scott GardnerMesquite CME: Dave Anderson

Members: Holly Ricker, Catherine Platt

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